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No photoshop. No problem.


Someone recently included me in this anti-photoshop post and I feel that it would be pretty dishonest to not say anything about it. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out what my unease was all about, and it boiled down to this: I’m just not a worthy example of flaw-embracing natural beauty.

First of all, guys, I am a professional retoucher. I’ve retouched literally thousands of photos for books and magazines. 

Which brings me to the second thing: I’m a professional photographer. I take attractive photos of people for money and I’m reasonably competent at that, which means I know how to shoot myself at my best, too.

Third thing: I’m a model. However infrequently, I’ve been modeling since I was 6 years old – I know what I’m doing in front of a camera, more or less.

Fourth thing: I’m a former makeup artist.

So, pretty much everything I’ve ever been involved in has to do with augmenting reality in one way or another, down to my decidedly un-terrestrial art. To summarise, most of the photos I publish of myself are edited in one way or another, or taken in flattering light, or have decent makeup, at the very least. I fucking love Photoshop! I love polish. I love fantasy. To not say so would be disingenuous. 

All this prompted me to take a no-makeup-or-grooming, no retouching, natural light photo, so here you go. I did pose and edit the color though :P


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I am just not meant to be happy I guess. I always end up sleeping on the couch in every relationship. I guess I’m just going to sell all of my shit so u can afford to feed my child this week. And so I can make car payments and shit. My life is just completely and utterly screwed for eternity. I hope I don’t come back in another life…not anymore


It makes me sad that people treat me like i’m an idiot